Mediation Services

Brad is Nationally Accredited Mediator, with expertise in Commercial, Civil, Family and Health Practitioner areas.

Contact us for a no charge and  obligation free discussion about mediating your dispute rather than litigating it.

If you have a dispute, talk to the other party about mediation, and then contact me for options and solutions, including a telephone, video or paper mediation, or in person at a location suitable to the parties.

About Mediation

Mediation (facilitative) is a process whereby parties can resolve the dispute themselves, by meeting and being assisted by a mediator. If agreement is reached, a binding deed can be executed. Mediations can take hours or a whole day but are very cost effective in settling disputes and can take away a lot of the stress of litigation. Lawyer can assist the parties and the mediator, but it is not necessary for a lawyer to represent you in many cases.